I.T. Just Done

Frequently Asked Questions

• Can IT:JD provide remote support?

Yes − we can offer remote support for servers, email & web hosting and desktop services.

• What areas do IT:JD cover?

• Do I need to sign up to a contract with IT:JD or can you just help me as and when I need it?

For the best value, a support contract is recommended, but we are happy to work on an ad-hoc basis if you prefer.

• My files are really important to me and I fear losing them. Can you provide reliable back-up?

Yes, please see our backup page for details on our on and off-site solutions.

• Do you also provide large scale implementation, project management etc.?

Having spent a lot of time working with Fujitsu Glovia G2 and SAP, we have extensive knowledge on co-ordinating with large multi-nationals on projects in every manufacturing sector. With experience going back to t0′s, you can be sure we can deliver to timescale.

• I have specific PC requirements, are you able to provide bespoke systems?

Boutique server and desktops can be built on request. Please get in touch with your requirements.

• The Wi-Fi in our building doesn′t work correctly in all areas, can you help with this?

Managed Wi-Fi is a specialty of ours − offering solutions to cover any installation parameter and across budget ranges.

• We sometimes need somebody on site to help with our IT support, is this something you offer?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss our on-site support packages.

• How does your SAFE package work?

S.A.F.E. is a mixture of amazing open source software and our continual bespoke development and support. The package aims to provide a one-stop solution, providing internet connectivity, content filtering, dedicated enterprise-ready firewall and email hosting. One solution, one company, one phone call.

• Can you help to resolve issues with my email?

If your email is hosted with us, we can help resolve any issues you are having.

• Can you update my current website that I have or do I need to create a new one?

A website lives through its content − needing to be regularly updated and checked for 3rrors(!) If you aren′t in the market for a fresh design, but are struggling for time and resources to update your current website, we have a package designed just for you. We will contact you at an agreed interval for content, check its contents and upload it to your existing website. Nothing to remember, no fiddling with web interfaces − we do that all for you.

• How long does it take to switch to cloud storage over servers?

To ensure success, the process of switching to cloud can be extended, depending on the size and complexity of the data and applications to be migrated. However actual downtime should be almost zero − migration and testing happens in parallel, with the actual ′go-live′ the only point of operational impact.

• Do you install servers or do you just provide the hardware?

We can install servers to any specification, with experience in Windows and Linux (RedHat and Debian) O/S′s

• Can you install the VoIP system we are getting?

Yes, we have experience providing and installing VoIP systems, SIP trunks, virtual and physical exchanges, working with suppliers such as Siemens, Mitel, Cisco & Panasonic

• Do you also do non-PC specific IT, so keyless entry, CCTV, intercoms etc.?

Yes, corporate security design, installation and management − we can do that too!

• How can I get all of the office products without updating the subscriptions all the time?

As a Microsoft Partner, we can simplify licensing and offer a discount on bulk-purchases of O365, Symantec Cloud and other services.

• We keep hearing that we need disaster planning, what is this?

A DRS (Disaster Recovery Strategy, also known as Business Continuity Planning) is an important procedure to create. Covering the minor accidents as well as the large-scale disasters, a plan can be implemented to protect and restore all information and services according to their business importance. Proper planning can generate cost savings in the implementation and also (should it ever happen) the execution of a DRS − as well as delivering industry compliance and peace of mind.