Servers & Backups

Here at IT:JD we do offer the option of purchasing our own fixed on-site servers and the maintenance that accompanies them, regardless of where your server originates however, we do also specialise in providing automated off-site server backups with daily remote monitoring systems.

Regardless of whether you use our own server hardware or have an existing solution in place, the IT:JD backup service removes the human factor from backups. Fully automated backups are made to any schedule, both on and off-site. Logs of activity are kept for one year, providing an audit trail of what was backed up and when.

We then back up that automation by also manually checking every log, every day to ensure that each individual system is working as intended.

How does it work?
Typically, regardless of the schedule, there are two types of backups made – an incremental data backup which is great for restoring a selection of files and a “bare-metal” full system backup of a server which is only really meant to be used in the event of hardware failure or possibly when moving to new kit. Both these backup types are then stored locally on your system (or our standalone device), with regular transmissions of the data over the internet to our servers for remote storage. Once set up, everything is automated with log files kept for one year that can be sent to you by email.

Will it affect my internet usage?
No – ISP’s do not meter outgoing data from your connection and we work with you to schedule transmission at convenient times.

Will my data be stored on ‘the cloud’ somewhere?
No – All backup data is stored on our own servers in our own data-storage facility. This allows us to safely operate a strict security policy on who is able to access data. All data is pre-compressed and then transmitted through a secure encryption tunnel, shielding it from interception. This also has the added advantage that in the case that a full recovery is required, we can bring a backup to you – saving extended download times!

Does the off-site backup take a long time?
Our backups are incremental at the block level – which sounds complicated, but it means that only small amounts of data are transmitted after the first backup is made. Let’s say you have a 25MB Word document which you go through and correct a spelling mistake on. Our system will only transfer the changed data in that large file since last time – a few characters of data only. This makes the best use of your available bandwidth, ensuring you get the fastest backup your connection can support.

Is the software complicated or propriety?
No – For example, prior to compression and transmission the bare-metal backup is made using Microsoft’s own backup software (Windows 7, 8 & Vista. Windows Server 2008 & 2012). This ensures complete reliability should it ever be needed to restore irreparably broken hardware. Bare-metal backups restore everything – login information, data, roaming profiles – everything that is on the server, even to hardware which does not match the original. We take that backup and store it on a stand-alone device or remotely, depending on your requirements.
For less dramatic recovery situations, your data is available locally as a password-protected shared drive. Simply drag-and-drop your files to restore them.
Off-site data can be re-downloaded, or for local customers we offer a unique same-day service where we can bring data to you if required – potentially saving long waits for large downloads!

How much does it cost?
Costs are dependent on several factors – the total amount of data required, the schedule of on and off-site backups etc. Prices start from just £17 per month for an on and off-site system with bare-metal and incremental backups.

We are happy to chat with you about your requirements without any obligation, please do get in touch!