The top priority for any school whilst using ICT is keeping pupils safe online. The S.A.F.E. internet provision, filtering and control package from I.T. Just Done provides a secure, commercially proven web and email environment tailored for your school.

• Proven content filtering and protection technology with 24/7 remote monitoring.
• One-stop solution – we provide internet connection, email provision, hardware and software support.
• Local flexibility – our system is designed to be remotely monitored, configured locally around your school or a mixture of both!
• The most cost-effective solution. We believe that no-one else can offer our level of safety for our price.

Installation lead times are as little as two weeks and can be booked for any date in the holidays or weekends – a seamless transfer is guaranteed. Get in touch to arrange a site visit.

The Detail
S.A.F.E. is a suite of products assembled by I.T. Just Done. The products have been chosen for their reliability, ease of use and effectiveness. The suite comprises of a hardware firewall, a corporate-grade internet connection and bespoke remote email hosting. This is all co-ordinated and maintained by our dedicated support team.

The firewall is built on technology that we have been using in dozens of commercial installations for the past 15 years. To this foundation, we have added our own education-specific modules to enhance flexibility, monitoring and remote support. Time and time again we have relied on its ability to filter, accelerate and document internet usage on sites all around the country. Key advantages are:
• Uptimes measured in years – many home routers need regular reboots to remain efficient, we have witnessed our firewalls running for 3 years and more between reboots.
• Rock-solid filtering – configurable by machine, user login, time – our system is as secure and flexible as you need it to be. When you do need to change access, an intuitive user-admin interface enables us remotely (or you on-site) to effect changes within seconds, not hours or days.
• Built-in proxy – two types of proxy server ensure that typical school access and local system updates are accelerated vastly. Whatever your internet connection speed is – it will be faster.
• Remote support – you aren’t on your own. We monitor your firewall remotely, checking the hardware and backing up the settings daily. We can advise and change access rules for you if you require and if the unit fails, we will have a replacement unit – with your latest settings restored onto it – within hours.
• Full feature set – if you have a strong ICT presence, you won’t be held back. Features such as multiple VPN (host to host and roadwarrior) support, virtually unlimited TCP/UDP port forwarding, Squid (intrusion detection) guardian and traffic shaping all mean that whatever you think of, your firewall can cope.

Email Hosting – I.T. Just Done can provide a .co.uk or .com domain to suit your environment, or you can transfer in your existing .sch.uk domain. We provide a platform-independent IMAP email environment, ensuring:
• Access to email from any internet connection via webmail.
• All email is stored on our Cloud servers – no need to run a local email server.
• Full integration with any IMAP-supporting mobile phone or software (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc)
• Anti-virus and SPAM scanning.
• Unlimited addresses and alias addresses – can be user-maintained or remotely supported.
• Generous unlimited mail storage for education customers.
• Send from any location through our encrypted SMTP server regardless of type of internet connection.

Do you prefer a local IMAP / POP3 or Exchange server setup? We can configure, install and maintain to any requirement including *nix and Exchange setups.

Support – Our support staff report directly to the company directors, who have extensive experience of being on-site, in schools developing all levels of IT products. Coupled with years of delivering to the corporate world, you can be assured of high-quality local support available by phone, site-visit, email and web-based helpdesk – whichever works for your school the best.
We have confidence backed by extensive experience in our products, but when things do go wrong, or when you have changes that need to be made promptly, our commitment is to provide a level of knowledge and speed of service that cannot be matched elsewhere.

If you have any questions or for further information please do get in touch.