Website Services

We specialise in offering website design, maintenance and hosting for any and all sizes of business – from a single page listing to a large e-commerce solution. We can produce a complete website from scratch or can overhaul an existing site, we can also separately manage sites and any updates you wish to make.

For users that want to gain the maximum control of managing content, we can use WordPress which allows our customers to manage their own data effectively and affordably. For more complex requirements, we also have our own in-house HTML5 dedicated resource, enabling us to quickly turnaround any requirement.

Where we feel that we offer something extra is in the data integration capabilities we offer. Since the mid-90’s, we’ve been making systems talk to each other, so getting data to and from the web is a natural fit for us. If you have an unusual requirement, why not have a chat with us about it?

Can you make my website appear higher up in the search engine rankings?
Yes – we have Adobe-trained resource more than proficient in the black art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There are many ways to impress Google and the other search engines enough to rank you higher on their listings:
• Site-specific. Changes to the site that more accurately reflect to the search engines what you are trying to promote. The more coherent your message is from a search engine viewpoint, the higher it will rank you. There are many things that can be done to really impress the search engines without necessarily changing how the website looks to humans.
• Additional services. There are several services that if employed, reflect positively for the search engines.
• Link propagation. This is the promotion of your website around the web – if more people are linking to you, the higher the ranking will be. However, do be aware that search engines mark the quality of the links as well as the quantity – a lot of links from dubious ‘link exchange’ providers will actually lower your ranking.

SEO is a large and potentially bewildering subject – please give us a call to chat about how we can help you.

Can you advise on paid marketing?
Yes – we strongly recommend at least a small SEO overview before embarking on paid advertising (to help maximise the long-term effect of extra traffic), but we also have experience of creating and coordinating AdSense campaigns and can advise on search terms, recommended spend levels and how to track the success rate of your campaign.

What hosting do you offer?
Typically, our hosting is on our VPS servers. However, depending on the requirement, we can install and manage on-site servers as required.

For further information, please do get in touch.