Project Management

I.T. Project Management can be a daunting task for any business to undertake – would your organisation benefit from an I.T. Mentor? Do you have a project currently in-flight that needs guidance?

By placing your trust in us you receive all the advantages of permanent, highly skilled and experienced I.T. project management staff on your team without the long-term overhead. IT:JD have experience in the delivery of a wide variety of projects utilising AQA and AGILE methodologies. We operate to a simple, strict philosophy—On Time, On Budget.

Using industry-standard tools such as Atlassian Jira & Confluence, we have been able to co-ordinate and provide visibility of project progress and delivery from multiple suppliers across several continents. Our tools achieve maximum critical-path visibility for all stakeholders, ensuring that a no-surprises culture is maintained, even over large and lengthy projects. Our metrics reporting is clear, yet insightful enough to allow the business make the decisions necessary to bring every project to successful conclusion.

Large ERP projects are a speciality (we have over 20 years’ experience implementing and customising Fujitsu Glovia / G2 in all industry sectors), but from an office relocation fit out, to a coordinated marketing campaign across multiple media channels, we can ensure that you get the most cost effective solution for your business from any I.T. Project.
Whatever the nature of your project we work to achieve your success.

We are always happy to chat with you without any obligation. Please do get in touch.