I.T. Support

Our support services completely remove the IT issues and headaches from the working environment.

I need support for my IT systems – what can you offer?
We offer many different remedies for the ‘headaches’ of IT. We offer IT maintenance and support for the area encompassed by Derby – Manchester (north to south) and M6 – M1 (east to west) – check the coverage map for a visual representation. Outside of this area is possible, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.
Within that geography, we offer IT support for Windows, Mac and *nix environments (Debian, SCO, RedHat, Solaris etc). IT Support can be ad-hoc, or on a contractual basis. From one server remotely supported to multi-site end-user support, we can tailor a package to suit your requirement and budget. We have no minimum quantity and are always willing to chat about any requirement.

Do you come on-site?
Usually yes – unless the customer requests remote support only. Whilst many issues are easily resolved remotely, we feel that it is important to have an on-site presence where possible, even if only for a few hours a month.
Want aditional remote support? With a Datto installation we are able to remotely take over individual systems and operate them as if we were physically there as long as there's an internet connection to that machine; all without the need to schedule time-consuming unplanned visits. Datto further allows near-complete remote monitoring of machines, from storage to power consumption, so we are able to advise on potential hardware failures before they happen.

I need more than making sure my current IT environment is secure and robust – can your IT Support assist with new developments / requirements / projects?
Yes – we will tailor resource to the requirement, providing experienced higher-level management resource for steering committees, procurement and large project integrations. This offers all of the advantages of having experienced, in-house IT resource, but without the commitment permanent staff requires.

Do you provide out-of-hours IT Support?
Out-of-hours support is available on an on-call basis. For logistical reasons, ad-hoc out of hours support is not normally available and any contact from non-contracted customers will usually be left until the next working day.

Can you assist with DRS?
We have a solid history of developing disaster recovery strategies – and testing them before they are needed! Talk to us for details on DRS policies, implementation and costings. 

I also need assistance with non-IT, but technical support – can you help?
Yes – building security / access control and logging, CCTV, redundant power, new building infrastructure design and installation – these are all projects we have undertaken in the past. From installing a weather-camera to making the car park gate open automatically as staff arrive – we can coordinate all types of implementations.

If you would like to have a conversation regarding support for your business then please do get in touch.