Disaster Recovery

Fortunately, by their nature disasters are rare. As a business that helps pick up the pieces after an IT disaster, we have seen the stress, loss of turnover and uncertainty that being un-prepared for disaster can cause.

Across industry, more and more professional bodies require their members to have adequate Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place. We do understand however, that such tasks are often near the bottom of the list of priorities and can wait until tomorrow. We disagree – planning for a disaster today means that when it does happen tomorrow, your business is the most protected it can be, helping it function no matter what happens.
Our Disaster Recovery Strategy (DRS) procedure focuses on three main areas:

• Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) – a definition of how much data your business can afford to lose in each area before it affects the business.
• Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) – a definition of how long each area of your business can be unavailable for before it affects the business.
• Business Continuity Review – using RPO’s, RTO’s and other key metrics, we can design, implement and test the right provisions for your business.

By clearly defining the objectives from the outset, we can design a DRS that not only provides cover for any disaster, but also does not waste resource by over-coverage. We cannot emphasise enough that preparation is key! To discuss the options available to you, please do get in touch.