JoMo Mail

Since 2011 - simple, secure encrypted mail available on any device.

Revamping our email offer, IT:JD hopes to bring better, protected secure-email-hosting to small businesses and individuals. The JoMo offer at its core is simple – one or more secure, private email addresses that can be synced on any device. Mail is stored in an encrypted format and your data is never scraped for advertising or any other reason. Through a simple mailadmin panel, you can change your setup, 24/7. Here's what you get:

• Access to email from any internet connection via webmail.
• All email is stored on our Cloud servers – no need to run a local email server.
• Full integration with any IMAP-supporting mobile phone or software (iPhone, Android, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.)
• Anti-virus and SPAM scanning.
• Unlimited addresses and alias addresses – can be user-maintained or remotely supported.
• Generous unlimited mail storage for education customers.
• Send from any location through our encrypted SMTP server regardless of type of internet connection.

For further information and a no-obligation quotation, please do get in touch.