I.T. Just Done


Accessed like it’s in your office, maintained like it’s in ours.
Whether you’re looking for somewhere to safely store your business’ data, or a fully-fledged platform to store your entire infrastructure, our Cloud Hosting solutions can deliver like no other.

You want a cloud hosting solution that caters to the needs of your business and grows as you do. You also want a secure environment that makes your company compliant for the needs of modern business, without the stress of managing servers and backups yourself. That's where we come in. We specialise in hassle-free, cloud-based IT.
Private cloud infrastructures need the right experts on-hand at all times to ensure any problems can be dealt with instantly, improving business efficiency. Our Cloud Platform can be managed by our engineers, or by your own internal IT department. So, those without IT knowledge have an
end-to-end solution that they don't have to worry about and those with cloud expertise can keep control of their IT systems.

Whether it's managed by us or by your own IT department, our friendly engineers are always on hand, 24/7/365, to keep everything running smoothly. You get peace of mind that your cloud solution is always being properly managed and your internal IT staff are freed up to concentrate on other important projects. Best of all, with a guaranteed 4 hour SLA, you know that should the unexpected happen, you'll be back up and running in no time.
A common problem for modern businesses is that their IT needs are elastic, whilst their
computing and storage supplies are static. By utilising the elasticity of our resilient cloud
platform, your solution can grow in line with your business. When you need more storage space, all you have to do is pick up the phone to your dedicated account manager. Your computing needs are on-demand, so your IT supply should be too.

Our bespoke cloud platform was built to meet the most stringent of requirements for data safety. Hosted within IS027001 accredited and PCI DSS compliant data centres, our Cloud Hosting will keep your data more secure than ever before. On top of all this, we keep your data ring-fenced within its own private, Virtual Firewall — so you get a greater level of control over your data's security.
By building our platform with best of breed equipment, you get the highest levels of performance and the reassurance that our hardware has a minimal chance of failure. In fact, we have N+1 of all our hardware, so should the unexpected happen, our service stays live.

Cloud Hosting saves your business time and money, by removing the hassle of hosting your own servers, racks and cooling equipment on site. Hassle-free IT gives you the time to focus on what's really important: your business.

We think differently about IT. Every business and every employee uses their IT differently, every single day. That's why we create cloud hosting solutions bespoke to each and every company — to cater for their unique and ever changing demands. We also think IT should just get out of the way. So every solution we create just works.