Email Services


Here at ITJD we provide a number of different options when it comes to email. We can provide a or .com domain to suit your environment, or you can transfer in your existing domain. We provide a platform-independent IMAP email environment, ensuring:

• Access to email from any internet connection via webmail.
• All email is stored on our Cloud servers – no need to run a local email server.
• Full integration with any IMAP-supporting mobile phone or software (iPhone, Android, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.)
• Anti-virus and SPAM scanning.
• Unlimited addresses and alias addresses – can be user-maintained or remotely supported.
• Generous 4GB per mailbox. • Send from any location through our encrypted SMTP server regardless of type of internet connection.

Do you prefer a local IMAP / POP3 or Exchange server setup? We can configure, install and maintain to any requirement including *nix and Exchange setups.

For further information and a no-obligation quotation, please do get in touch.